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Author Topic: Glory to the Truth  (Read 7915 times)
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« on: February 04, 2009, 09:39:05 AM »

I am writing to raise the issue of what is the truth!

I am bemused at the question - Who is GOD and where do we all hail from.
I have walked the RastafarI trod for many years, and I have reached to the point where I am beginning to overs the concept and consciousness which we all are living in.

Many RasatFarI look to H.I.M Selassie I as GOD, but that is not the truth!

I don't intend to go in to a deep reasoning why at this stage, but needless to say that when H.I.M Selassie I, was asked that very same question he merely stated (that he was not GOD, but) "I art the LION of JUDAH"

It is important to point out that the Lion of Judah and The Creator (and First Source) is not necessarily the same thing, though in context they are one insofar as all things emanate from The Creator/First Source. However, the very thing that has happened to Yashua (Jesus) aka Joshua Ben Joseph etc etc, Is the same thing that is happening to H.I.M. insofar as the one True Source (The Creator - First Source) has been personified in to the guise of men, which is not the message what they were projecting to Humanity.

You should know that Men decided to build a god in their own image. Which is nonsense!! When a one really penetrate what Yashua/Jesus and H.I.M.Selassie I were really saying - When one really look at their works, then one will find that they are both saying the same thing. Which is there is a greater power than the 'gods' that men have forcibly projected upon humanity. They taught that the 'infinite' presence of the The Creator/First Source, dwells within everything both living and inanimate.

They taught that instead of looking outside at man-made structures such as churches, mosques,tabernacles and temples, One should look inside -wherein lies the living temple, Indeed the Illusionary constructs, i.e Heaven and Hell, Mount Zion etc  which are pursued by the many are indeed just that; illusions that are pursued but never attained! I have said I am not going into the deeper reasoning at this moment, but needless to say that it is important to qualify this by pointing out to the reader that until the concept that we are indeed Spritual Beings on a Human Journey, overtakes the the commonly held notion that we are Human beings on a Spiritual Journey, then many will be left scrabbling about in the dark! 

What many people fail to Overstand, is that the teachings of H.I.M Selassie I are similar to Yashua because they stem from the one source. That source being Melchizedek, who was also known at the time as High Priest of Salem. It was indeed Melchezedik who first taught of the One Creator - First Primary Source of all consciousness (life)and existence (inanimate) through out the Seven Grand Universes. However, the teachings of Melchizedek were hijacked and distorted by those men who (sought to) assumed control and have been circumventing Humanity from them times until now. 

So in closing this opening reasoning! I would make it clear to the reader I am not dismissing Rastafari - As it is the vehicle of Rastafari
that has carried I to this horizon point.


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